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Women's Health & Fitness Studio

Our rooms are equipped with state of the art treadmills (Groton) and Assault Bikes (Niantic), TRX straps, benches, balls, kettlebells, dumbbells, bands, battle ropes and more.

**Yoga, Stretch & Run classes also offered. 

We program all classes IN HOUSE and run our classes on a six-week series. Seven different workouts for each day of the week for six weeks. We do this for progression. As the weeks progress, you can feel your strength in a movement increase, you can feel your endurance and stamina grow, and you can SEE the physical changes as well.

Every work out includes full body exercises but include an area of focus like upper, lower, booty and core. 

This allows ample time for instructor demo, a quality warm-up, the timed work intervals, and a necessary cool down. 

We offer classes 7 days a week. 

We offer six-week memberships, annual memberships, punch cards, and drop-in rates. When you click the above links (under location) and sign up for your First Class Free Pass, you can then download the Crowned Fit member app and access our many different membership rates.

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Every class is allotted for 60 minutes.