*Can I try a class before committing?
Yes!  It’s our pleasure to offer you your FIRST class for FREE!

*Do I have to sign up for class ahead of time?
It’s not required but highly recommended to secure your spot in class.

Can men work out at Crowned Fit?
While we are geared toward womens’ overall health and wellness, our company values are grounded on being an all accepting team.  So, men are absolutely welcome in our space.  We love men! 😉

*Do I have to be “fit” to start?
Our instructors are able to modify or progress all exercises in class to accommodate all levels of fitness.  All classes are based on a time interval format so that each member is able to work at their own level.   A royal sweat for all is guaranteed!

*How are group fitness classes formatted?
All classes are formatted in timed intervals.  For example:  45 second work interval with a 15 second break.  Repeat. Repeat. Repeat 😉

*What are the benefits of having an unlimited group membership?Unlimited number of classes, access to shower privileges, access to open gym hours, access to all seminars, discount on all special events.

*What packages include the personal development and nutritional seminars?
All class memberships, all personal training packages, all hybrid memberships, and 6 week challengers.   Only available for the duration of your contract or package length.

*What Should I bring to class?
Water bottle, clean sneakers and your invisible crown 😉

*How often do you offer the seminars?
The nutritional and personal development seminars are both offered twice a month.

*What is “open gym”?
Come use the studio however you’d like!  Do your own thing girlfriend!

*How many people are in each class?
Class sizes vary but the max number of members in each class is 18.

*What type of sneakers should I wear?
Everyone has different needs, so it’s hard to suggest a brand/style.    But it’s important to know that we work out on a rubber floor specifically designed to absorb impact and is non porous to keep us healthy.

The only thing we request is that you have an indoor CLEAN pair of sneakers for your work outs.